Thursday, August 1, 2019

Choose Your Direction - Walk Your Own Path

Take me where no one has roamed before. Then it must have been us that made this path or someone else had to make it. So we have to walk in tall grass if we want to go where no one else has been. And when our new path is worn clean we will not know if others have used it while we were away. So we keep making new paths just for us but to get to the new ones we have to cross the old worn ones. It is the way life is supposed to be. To walk different paths to see where they take us, but to forge ahead into the unknown so we can find ones we like walking better. And when the one we like best becomes very worn, we walk along side it still going in the same direction but not wearing out the ground beneath our feet. Should we meet a boulder along the path that we like the best and cannot go either side of it, we will tread gently back to the old worn out path until we pass by the boulder and can tread into the tall grass either side of the worn out path. It is what we strive for - the right path, but eventually it gets worn and even though you want to travel along side it you are going in the same direction, and that is what's important - to find the direction you want to go in and don't worry about moving the path when you feel that the old one is too hard to travel. Many are going in the same direction we are and it's alright to walk along side others. But there are many lanes on the interstate with many going in the same direction but should we want to take the scenic route we get off the interstate and find a less traveled road that goes the same way as the many travel. Do all roads lead to the same destination? They do if you're going in the same direction. If you turn off the road then you are changing directions and you will see different things and have different experiences. This is life. There are different directions to travel and some you will like better than others. Sometimes you will go back to a particular road and direction because it feels right. That's how you know if that path is for you and will get you to the destination you are seeking. How does it feel? You will know the path that is right for you by how it feels when you walk it. And no matter where you are going, the moon lights your path because it is impartial to what path you want to travel. It lights all paths unless you find that you have traveled onto one that is darkened from the moonlight. You don't want to go into the darkness without the moon to guide you. Beware. You have to be able to see where you put one foot in front of the other or you are walking blindly. You will get lost. You will be frightened because you cannot see. That is also life. We blaze new paths where we are guided by light. 

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(all rights reserved)
painting by
Deanna Daffodil Williams

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