Friday, August 23, 2019

Missing You Through Stormy Weather

Hello, Dear Moon,
I know we haven't seen you much this week as you have been hidden by all the stormy weather!  We will come out for a walk tonight as we have missed our nightly journeys under your shining light. 
Our walks helps clear my mind of daily thoughts about current events on Earth. It must be wonderful to be you!
I am glad we have you watching over us lighting our way in these tumultuous times. Life is unsure as we read newspapers and watch the news on television every day to find that tragedy hits us all over the world and is becoming more usual than not.
Guide the ones who need more light in their lives and to make good decisions for themselves, their community, their country, and eventually, the world.
On our way, "Missy" and I walk along the path before us - our old friend still here waiting for the marks we make along the way to who knows where. There are many crooks along the woodland path we take, and knowing that you come with us every step of the way is so comforting! :) 
Till nightfall...

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(all rights reserved)
painting by
Deanna Daffodil Williams

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