Tuesday, August 13, 2019


I do need to be free of some people. 
When someone says things that make me feel badly or if people tell me I'm wrong about what I say and post in my space, no less, then I have to say, "good-bye" because I don't want to feel that way again. Does that answer your question? I especially don't want friends to treat me that way and so they are no longer friends.

 I am quite fond of my walks with "Missy" under Mr. Moon...they are my loyal friends and that's where I belong - with loyal friends and no less. Not all friends are loyal, but they should be if they are to be called friends, but there are many kinds of friendships. I have always had the habit of considering all friends, close friends. The kind who you give gifts to and are open with and can talk about anything with. I was told by one friend that I grew up in church with that she no longer wanted to exchange gifts. That hurt. She is so busy that I feel like I'm disturbing her peace and time that I don't know when to write to her except for birthdays and Christmas. I doubt you're reading this but if you are you know who you are, and so that's why I didn't send you a gift for baby when your grandchild was born. You said, "no gifts!" 

These letters remind me of my friend half way around the world and he knows who he is. He will always remain in my heart but he doesn't keep in touch the way we used to when we were young. We have different lives and I don't really know what we have in common anymore. I think he would write again if he wanted to but he doesn't, so there you go.

My very old friend and first employer after I was married when my husband was in the military, still keeps in touch with us - always sends birthday and Christmas cards, but through the years when he used to write letters, it was discovered that he's a racist. He uses the "N" word and likes Trump! Why would I have a friend who thinks that way - I wouldn't, yet he's still in our life, but he doesn't talk about those things or uses those words anymore to me. I had my say to him a long time ago so he watches what he says, but I doubt he has changed who he is. He lives in the mid-west so he doesn't come around. 

Looks like this is turning out to be about friends! :) I can't say much more because it isn't for all to know, but I have a couple more who are long-time friends who I still keep in touch with and exchange gifts with and hope that they remain in my life for the remainder of time we all have left. 

Yes...like this! :)

Anyway, I am free to be to say what I want. I have just left Facebook and am going to spend my time here talking/writing anything and everything I want. I will just check FB for birthdays and for any communication I may get from my old friend from 3rd grade. No one else I consider a "real" friend exists there except one who doesn't go there anymore. 
There is one I would consider a friend again if she felt the same way. From the southwestern US I really liked her and something happened one day when an Irish troublemaker came between us and she was so kind to me but started going on and on about things that made no sense to what I was posting about and she took offense to what I said in the moment and this other one in the mix - things got messed up and she let me go.  Facebook is a means to a lot of trouble.

 I am safe here because I don't have to read complaints about what I write. 
Ha...I'm shaking my head...how did I get here? I know...I grew to where I am and I'm being true to who I am. Mr. Moon is my loyal friend and  "Missy," of course, goes without saying! On we go into the night with our friend showing us the way with his light. 

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(all rights reserved)
painting by
Deanna Daffodil Williams

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